Month: March 2014

Training Week 24/3/2014 – Drills in the warm up to improve full lifts

This is the training video for the week of 24/3/14. Decent enough week for the University guys. For the people competing at BUCS it’s the last week of a Preparation Cycle before they begin to taper. Peoples’ energy levels are down so Taps Aff training was needed for some. (It’s anabolic).

Notable PRs :

Ian 92.5kg Snatch // 160kg Front Squat – Beginning transformation to legit Freak Beast. Suck it Darwin.

Jordan: 127.5kg Clean PR (no Jerk)

Alejandro : 100kg Clean and money jerk

Nat: 90kg Back Squat

Dave : 205kg Front Squat

Drills help to enforce good habits before moving up to heavier weights. Below is an example of someone with a technical/motor control error and a simple drill to reinforce good behaviour before moving up to 90-100% on the snatch.

The Microphone hasn’t been used since my days of online gaming so no amount of Audacity saved the Audio I’m afraid.

It’s between the Coach and the athlete to find a cue/drill that works in each situation. There is no “one size fits all”.

Klokov in a kilt, thoughts on the Seminar

The one and only Dmitry Klokov was coaching a seminar in Glasgow hosted by Varsity Gym which I had the good fortune to attend.

Highlight reel

It was awe-inspiring to see him lift in person, when he busted out a cheeky front splits for a flexibility demonstration I was blown away seeing such a big guy have that range of motion. First time I have really been exposed to that.

The day started with his workout, he said it was a light day since he did some crazy Crossfit challenge down in London and his legs were fried. Then folk moved onto some pulling drills for the snatch and a couple of exercises to help people stay over the bar a little more, he walked around giving people some one on one time during all stages of the drills. One thing seemed pretty constant for people, their lower back were too weak for the lifts and cheated the position with the legs. My training buddy bore the brunt of that statement and he had to sit and wait over the bar with Klokov slapping him about! We then Snatched to a near RM with the drills still fresh in memory.

Gav being man-handled

Another thing that was pretty evident was how limited most peoples’ internal rotation of the shoulder was compared to Klokov.

We then moved on to the Clean and Jerk and did similar drills to bring that bar into the lifter on the first pull. I am going to add some of them into programming for the University and see if there is a positive return. Less time was spent on the clean and we moved a 1 RM pretty quickly.

Klokov then sat us down and went through his assistance exercises for Weightlifting. He is a big fan of a Snatch Highpull / No Feet Snatch complex which he aims to do almost every session.

High Pull Complex – The accordion makes it.

For weak legs he favours Deficit Snatch Deadlifts and for a weak back he would aim for a lot of Hyperextensions, No Leg snatch Deadlifts and some Stalling Snatches. He stressed how important it is to make your training and programming a personal thing so you are always making movements fit your body. His foot position and Jerk position overhead are due to limiting factors in his body. I will put some videos up of the assistance exercises for the lifts in the training videos section.

Overall a great learning experience and definitely a humbling one.