About Me

Greetings and salutations! I’m Dave.

Barbell Meditations is a scattering of information that I want to share whilst learning to get to grips with Olympic Weightlifting.

I currently coach the Edinburgh University Weightlifting team and moonlight as an athlete.

Sporting Background

I’ve been around a few sports in my day, like most boys I dreamed of scoring the winning goal in the World Cup final, my two left feet saw to that never happening.

I dabbled in some swimming, Shotokan Karate, Athletics and got into Rugby pretty late.

My stumpy legs managed to carry me to a decent level in Rugby, playing for Border Reivers and Edinburgh Backup. Representing Scotland for the U21’s. I hurt my neck snowboarding and lost the drive that made up for my lack of stature. Whilst in the Scottish Institute of Sport training for Rugby I laid the groundwork for my future love of Weightlifting.

These days I am shooting for that elusive 300 Total as a 77kg lifter.

Academic Background

BEng Mechanical Engineering (University of Edinburgh)

BSci Computer Science (Heriot-Watt University)

MSci Algorithm Design (University of Edinburgh)


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